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This is the core team behind the idea of OFTOW travel. We’re here to change how you experience your trip to Iran. We know how it’s like to visit a country who’s name is bound to all these news and stories told about it everywhere. We are also well-aware of the truth about this country, our country, Iran, where we’ve lived all these years. We have seen it for ourselves, the magnificent history, the peaceful culture, friendly people and all the wonders it holds. We’ve lived for years amongst the people and are well aware of how the system works, and we are here to offer anyone who wants to see Iran the smoothest way possible.

A little bit of history,

true story!

It began with a trip, when a group of friends (soon-to-be-friends by then) came to Iran. They were from Poland and knew us from a relative who lives there and had decided to visit Iran upon his suggestion and fortunately, that happened to be the time we had some spare moments to be with them.

We met while they were seeing Shiraz (were we live) and went to Esfahan with them. Having lots of great memories from the less than a week period we had together, we do have regrets on not being able to be with them on their whole trip…

us and our guests
Our dearest guests, and some of us
Isfahan, April 2016

About a month or two later, as we reminisced it all, we noted the hurdles they could have faced if they knew no one here; from deciding what to do and when to go for it, to booking tickets to shopping, eating and even transportation. Yes that would be possible to handle but definitely a much different experience.

As we digested our thoughts and talked about it, we wondered, why not provide the same offering to everybody? And that’s how it all started…


our friends are coming

We aim to be the knowledgable friendly companion you would love to have by your side.

As you would like the bests for your friends, we do want that for you and as we believe a trip would be the most memorable when we can do things our way, we offer just that to you. We study places you may stay, so you can choose what suits you the best. We know about local foods, cafe and restaurants so picking one would be easy. Where to shop, what and for what price? You’re covered.

After deciding what to do, it would be the time to do it which we also handle. We will do the talks, book the necessary, handle transportation or whatever it takes, even for money exchange you can count us.

Now you’ll be free to enjoy the rest and make memories…

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