Nasir ol Molk Mosque – Shiraz, Iran

Nasir ol Molk Mosque – Shiraz, Iran

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We are adding support for two more provinces and we are so excited about it! 🎉 To share the joy, we are running a limited-time promotion and offer our services at a discounted price. The offer is valid for all the reservations made till April 30 and does not depend on the time you get to Iran.
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With this price, you and your group (up to 7 people – bringing the price to mere 14.14€ for each) will get:

  • A professional, licensed tour guide from 8AM to 11PM
    Offering you information about wherever you visit
  • Private, customized tour
    Where, when and how is your call
  • Access to the best local spots and destinations
    Coffee? Somewhere to chill? Souvenir shop? Eat a local food? We know a place… The best one!
  • Access to all local services without effort
    Need a ticket? Done! A booking or reservation? Done! Money exchange? Consider it all done!
  • Access to our tips & recommendations
    When visting The Arg of Karim Khan, do check our tranditional ice-cream… And try it once with carrot juice!
  • Access to all day, every day support and consulting service on everything Iran
    And have peace of mind! For no taxi or shop may charge you more than the norm…

NOTE: In this package, it's you who will offer accommodation for the guide which may help with your costs specialy if you're a group of more than 4.
You may opt out and choose the other option where accommodation is on us and will cost: 169€ 139€

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