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Best of everything!

We took broad options and knowledge of a local, freedom and flexibility in planning of a backpacker, accessible services and recommendations of a public tour and luxury of a private tour, mixed it all as a convenient package and are offering it all with an affordable price. Even we, ourselves can’t believe it!


For we offer a guide and other services mostly of a consulting nature we came up with a simple fixed daily pricing schema in hopes of making it as simple as possible.

For a group of 1 to 7, and for just 169€ / a day, your group will get:

  • freedom to plan your journey as it suits you and your style
  • freedom to change your plan as needed
  • our curated consult guides and recommendations
  • a professional guide as your journey companion, morning to night, from your arrival to departure, airport to airport (7am-11pm)
  • help with daily tasks such as translation, transportation, tickets, booking, shopping, money exchange, etc
  • 24/7 support from OFTOW travel team

There’s also another option

In many cases you may prefer to have the guide stay around for the night (11pm to 7am). In this situation, you may also cover the costs of the guide’s stay and what we charge will decrease to as low as 129€ for a day!

If you’re a group of more than 3, you will almost always save some money this way.


  1. Although we will offer you tips and suggestions which may save you money on your spendings, you are the one who should pay for the actual things and services such as:

    • tickets and transportation
    • hotel or other places you may stay
    • entrance fees
    • food
  2. Guide’s transportation and food expenses is also on you and is not reflected in our pricing.
  3. If your group consists of more than 7 tourists, you should get another guide but you will get a 30€ off on each extra guide.

Our Pricing Perspectives

To journey is to visit a library of countless books and how you approach it determines what’s gained.

In recent years technology has helped travelers with some of their fundamental needs such as finding a place to stay and finding destinations to eat, yet they aren’t without shortcomings. Lot’s of areas are not yet covered or are not as accessible as should be. Situation gets worse for countries like Iran which the community is not as active or has less visits in comparison. Unreliable internet coverage with low speed or education levels of locals in small cities, and language in less developed countries make obstacles even harsher and information less accessible.

We believe OFTOW travel is the way to go for an optimal journey for different traveler types and their unique style, taste and needs. A sweet spot between convenience, accessibility, service and affordability. So, we set our pricing at a level that allows us to build both a solid infrastructure and working packages to offer it all to you as travelers.

Fair Pricing

Current services and pricing models are a mess! You either go for a tour package and share your trip with people you don’t know, with different tastes and values, and pay a fee, for things which you had no idea about their qualities, so that would be a hit or miss. Or you would choose to go on yourself, and pay as you wish, on things you choose, yet you’ve got to base your decisions on ideas of different people you see, again, hit or miss. Not to mention obstacles you would face for just not knowing about something others assumed you know. Or maybe hire a guide, which may solve lots of problems but again not the optimal choice, for lack of consistency, virtually no responsibility or observations on the guide and lack of a information flow to update guide’s information about local businesses other than sayings and hearings.

At OFTOW travel, you will pay a fixed fee for the services, and gain the knowledge and ability to choose where your energy, time and money will go.

Our simple pricing model let’s us be independent of the actual service providers (such as restaurants, shops or transportation agencies) giving us power to suggest only the bests consequently. Who would ask an advertisement agency for the best anyways?

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